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Conscious Awakening

We live in a time where innovation and new technology is developing at an incredible pace. Web 3, Cryptocurrency, AI, Genetic Sciences, Space exploration, and so much more... With these advancements and access to vast amounts of information comes power and responsibility. We talk about finance, crypto, investing, business, technology but also about people, humanity, social, behaviour, the human psyche and global powers that be. We believe that Bitcoin and blockchain networks are landmark innovations that will reshape the global financial system. Investors should participate in this transformation. 

Technology that creates a secure and permanent digital record of an asset’s origin, characteristics and ownership is of great value. This transparency helps industries respond to growing expectations for sustainable, verifiable sourcing. With the help of our community we aim to help others through sustainability while enabling Innovation and the Enterprise Blockchain Ecosystem as a whole.

Digital Wealth

Expanding access to the digital asset ecosystem. Aimed at enterprise grade multi-asset portfolios.

Active Strategies

Managed trading and investing opportunities that separate signal from noise.


Promoting industry innovation and infrastructure, sustainable cities and communities, responsible consumption and production.

Advisory Services

Our studies and market analysis aims to provide tailored services, coin acquisition, custodianship, mining, transacting, investing and more.

Financial Awareness of the Digital Ecosystem

“Know yourself” is the sump of all philosophical commandments, Socrates once observed. The phrase “Know thyself,” is centuries old, but it’s still one of the essential meta-skills of the 21st century. Aristotle also said: “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”


Through awareness, education and ongoing support we aim to empower users, communities, business ventures and enterprises while enabling innovation, emerging tech, digital assets and the enterprise blockchain ecosystem as a whole

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Income for Affiliates

Through marketing and entrepreneurship, get rewarded as an affiliate. Our profit sharing system is a win-win business relationship that creates a route to earning a passive income. 

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